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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

$1.295,00 VAT included
  • Batron Electric Vehicle Charging Station is suitable for individual and commercial use.

  • It offers three-phase (3P) 32A (22kW) Fast Charging.

  • There is 1 Mod-3 Type-2 charging socket in IEC 62196 Standards.

  • It has Over Current - Short Circuit - 30mA Residual Current Protection Protocols.

Portable Power Supply

$540,00 VAT included
  • Portable Power Supply; It is an energy storage system used in areas such as camping, caravans, field studies, search and rescue. It has the storage capacity to meet the daily energy needs of the individual user on its own.

  • It can directly use the energy produced from the Solar Panel or Wind Rose, thanks to the Full Sine Inverter. It protects your devices against situations such as voltage fluctuations.

Smart Lighting Pole

$1.305,00 VAT included
  • Smart Lighting Pole is a system that does not need a mains connection and produces and stores its energy thanks to its Solar Panel.

  • It charges the Battery Pack during the day with its 100W Solar Panel. 30W Led fixture illuminates all night.

  • There are USB Cable and Type C Cable outputs on the Smart Mast.
  • It offers the opportunity to wirelessly charge your NFC-enabled devices from the tray on it.


$3.300,00$4.100,00 VAT included
  • BATRON SOHOME is a smart energy storage system used in different areas such as Home, Office, Boat, Caravan, …. In places where the Three-Time Energy Tariff is used, SOHOME stores the energy coming from the grid at appropriate times. During the day, it uses the energy in its storage at high energy tariffs.

  • Thanks to its inverter, it can give the energy produced from the Solar Panel or Wind Rose directly to the area where it is installed. It stores surplus production and offers up to 90% savings on your electricity bills according to solar capacity.