Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lead Acid. Many variants and variants of these battery types are also available.

Energy densities, instantaneous and continuous current capabilities, operating temperatures.

mAh: mili Amper hour.

The voltage value increases when the batteries are connected in serial and the capacity value increases when connected in parallel. The serial connection is made by connecting the positive pole of one battery to the negative pole of the other. The parallel connection is made by connecting the positive and negative poles of the two batteries. Spot Welding method is used for connections.

The current that provides discharging the batteries is discharge current. The current that provides charging is charge current.

PCM: Protection Circuit Module (Protection circuit-only providing protection circuit)

BMS: Battery Management System (Battery Management System – complex circuits that manage the battery and transfer detailed information about the battery to users and devices)

CC: Constant Current CV: Constant Voltage

It is the expression of energy. Wh: Watt Hour, kWh: Kilo Watt Hour, MWh: Mega Watt Hour

The capacity of the selected battery, instantaneous and continuous discharge current, charging current, size, operating temperature should be appropriate for the application. Batteries produced without considering the conditions in practice are in great danger. In addition, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and similar brands that approve and launch their products with intensive safety tests should be preferred over Far East products. .

Store in a cool place. It should not be stored in the same place as metal objects. With 42-50% charge. If there is no capacity measurement condition, it should be stored fully charged and the charging should be repeated periodically. Only nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are stored with discharge.

All of these expressions have the same meaning. Used to indicate the value of the discharge current of the battery. For example, 10C indicates that the battery can be discharged with a current of 10 times its capacity. If the battery capacity is 2Ah, it can be discharged with 20A.

It is the contact of the + and – outputs of the batteries directly or with a very small resistance. Such tests are available in protective housings. This must be avoided during use and production.

The types and models of cylindrical batteries are referred to by these names. It has become standard and provides information about the size of the battery. For example, for 18650, the cylindrical battery has a diameter of 18mm and a height of 65mm. It also gives size information for other cylindrical and prismatic batteries.

Fully discharging the battery 1 after a full charge means 1 full cycle. Also referred to as a charge / discharge cycle.

These values specified in the manufacturer’s technical documents define the discharge current that can be drawn from the battery momentarily, ie for a few seconds or continuously.

Memory effect means idle not available capacity in the battery. The memory effect is only present in nickel cadmium batteries. Uncharging the battery without a full charge occurs in cases of charging without a full discharge. It may also occur during storage, but this can be remedied by storage with several full charge and full discharge.

The lower limit is the voltage value at which the battery must be discharged. For Li-Ion batteries, for example, they range from 2.5V to 3V.

Operating temperature refers to the discharge temperature. The charging temperature is the temperature range that the battery should not exceed when charging. Storage Temperature is given separately according to the storage conditions of the batteries for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Batteries should be stored in a cool place. The ideal temperature is 4ºC. If not, the battery should be stored in accordance with the storage time and temperature specified in the technical documentation.

Abbreviations for protection functions. OVP: Over Voltage Protection, UVP: Under Voltage Protection, OCP: Over Current Protection, SCP: Short Circuit Protection, OTP: Over Temperature Protection

It is desirable that the batteries used in the battery have the same voltage values during operation and charging. However, as it may not be possible to be the same, it is generally accepted that there is a maximum difference of 20mV between serial batteries although it varies according to the manufacturer. Batteries that exceed this limit value are detected by BMS and PCM circuits and the balancing function is activated. Compensation can be made by consuming the excess energy of the battery with high voltage during the balancing or by transferring the energy of this battery to the others or the battery. Two types of balancing are available. These are active and passive balancing.


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