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Main Advantages of Lithium Titanate Batteries (LTO)

The advantages of Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) battery technology are important, and the entire LTO technology is a game-writing element for the entire battery industry. LTO brings a new dimension to energy storage technology with its economic and ecological aspects.

Li2TiO3 Chemistry

BATRON Energy uses Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) technology in high speed charging and energy storage systems to prevent battery change problems. LTO technology has already begun to shape the future. If it is needed to summarize the main benefits and advantages of LTO battery technology;

Lithium Titanate Oxide (Lithium Titanium Oxide) Battery Technology

Basically, LTO is a rechargeable battery that is based on or replaced by Lithium Ion (li-ion) battery technology. Li-Titanate Oxide (LTO) replaces graphite in the anode of the typical Li-Ion battery and converts the materials into a spinel 3D crystal structure. It releases a high current discharge current with a nominal cell voltage of 2.40V, 10 times the capacity of other types of lithium batteries. Lithium Titanate uses Lithium Titanate nanocrystals instead of using carbon particles on its surface like other lithium batteries.

Titanium Used in Lithium Titanate Oxide Anodes

The effect and benefit of this modification and the inclusion of lithium-titanate nanocrystals is that the surface area of the anode of the Lithium-Titanate battery is about 100 square meters per gram, while only 3 square meters per gram of Li-ion batteries. The result of the extended surface areas of lithium-titanate nanocrystals allows electrons to enter and leave the anode much faster, allowing faster battery charging and longer life.

Lithium Titanium Oxide Battery

Advantages of Lithium Titanate Battery Technology

Taking into account the basic scientific advantages of high-tech nanotechnology involved in the production of lithium titanate (LTO) batteries, there are positive developments for consumer and reliability. The benefits of Lithium Titanate batteries range from long lifetime to improved safety, low temperature performance and energy storage solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at the main advantages:

1. Extremely Long Life

As we mentioned above, the advanced nanotechnology of lithium titanate nanocrystals and increasing surface areas has been specifically designed to extend the life of these batteries. With a surface area of 30 times larger, this technology can charge the more traditional alternative significantly faster than the Li-Ion battery. The number of cycles of a Lithium Titanat battery is 20,000 compared to only 2000 in a normal lithium battery, indicating a revolutionary approach to energy storage.

LTO Battery Life Cycle
LTO high speed charge and discharge life

For our customers, this means less electricity and energy is needed to maintain battery power. These batteries can be safely charged for six to ten minutes, unlike the 8 hours required for other rechargeable batteries.

In addition, charging efficiency has a share of over 98%, a record improvement in the field of renewable energy. Furthermore, charging cycles are much shorter than other energy sources.

2. Fast Battery Charging and Discharging

Lithium Titanate Oxide batteries (LTO) is an advanced modified lithium-ion battery that uses nano technology in the form of lithium titanate nanocrystals instead of normal carbon material on the surface. The technical principle has the advantage that the anode has a surface area of about 100 square meters per gram of material – it is certainly far more prominent compared to 3 square meters per gram of normal carbon material.

LTO Cell Regular Discharge Rates

This enables electrons to enter and exit the anodes faster, thus enabling the battery to be charged and discharged very quickly.

3. Enhanced Safety

In addition to the improved efficiency and energy saving features of Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries, this option is known for its high level of safety when used compared to alternative options. Due to the low operating voltage of this technology, it has important safety advantages for the consumer and the environment. Because Lithium Titanate batteries are completely carbon-free, they avoid thermal leakage or overheating, which is the main heating.

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4. Low Temperature Performance

Another advantage of using a Lithium Titanate battery is that due to the nanotechnology used, these batteries have a much lower temperature performance than other battery technologies.

Due to these low temperature discharge characteristics, it can achieve 80% of its full capacity at -30 °C only.

5. Integration with Energy Storage

Last but not least, Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) fills the gap between battery energy storage and grid power.

With the growing importance of renewable energy options, the possibilities of Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries provide a synergy between solar and wind power, battery storage and the grid. Lithium titanate-based energy storage has the potential to create a renewable energy source that is more sustainable than other previous alternatives, and has the potential to contribute greatly to power system stabilization.

As Batron Energy, we are introducing the new generation battery LTO technology to your applications in the most efficient and safe way.