We design the most reliable and economical solutions for all your energy needs.


We are the most experienced, domestic and private company of mobile energy. We are shaping the future of portable energy with future thinking. That's the reason we love doing our job.

We didn't invent the battery, but we developed it, we are still developing it ...

BATRON ENERJİ, which provides battery design and production services, was established with the Tübitak 1512 Techno-enterprise capital support program and serves its customers in the battery industry. It has a staff of specialized engineers with over 15 years of experience in battery mechanics and electronics, embedded system design, test engineering and project management.

It develops and manufactures high-tech Li-Ion battery systems used in the products of dozens of famous brands in different sectors.

Batron Energy develops approximately 50 battery systems per year for dozens of different applications such as electric cars, bicycles, unmanned vehicles, military devices, storage systems, robotic systems, drones, medical devices and so on.

Design, hardware and software development, test and prototype engineering, thermal management, charging technology, mechanical design and many more innovative subject areas are carried out with R&D engineers.

Batron Energy offers a unique service that covers all components of the value chain, starting from the prototype process until the products reach the end user. With this understanding of service, we work with our customers as members of the same team, respond quickly and effectively to design changes, and offer the most reliable battery products.


Batron R-D
Batron Battery Production
Battery Test Unit


To be the world leader in the design and manufacture of battery and energy storage systems by providing the fastest innovative solutions for all of our customers’ energy needs with our innovative, principled and responsible approach.


To provide professional solutions for mobile energy and battery systems.

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