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Discover Batron Products…
Batron Energy provides uninterrupted energy in your living spaces with its high-tech Li-Ion battery systems.
Batron Electric Charging Stations
Batron Smart Lighting Pole
Batron Portable Power Supply

Why Batron Energy?

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Custom Design

We specially design lithium-ion battery and battery systems for all your energy needs.

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High Productivity

We were able to reduce the physical volume of batteries and increase capacity! So we’ve shrunk and grown!

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Long Lasting

With LiFePO4 and Lithium Titanate (LTO) technology, we can increase the life span of your classic batteries up to x100 times.

Batron Energy Lithium-ion battery and battery systems

Our batteries have three different measuring life (uptime, shelf life and lifetime) and these times vary for each battery chemistry. (Alkaline, lithium-polymer, etc.).